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Fresh ~ American-bred & raised ~ Available year-round



Millbrook Venison Products is a boutique venison company that has been in the business of providing American-bred, all natural, pasture-fed venison to top chefs in the United States since 1988.  While some see venison as a seasonal product, we process fresh meat year-round.  Our brand has a long-standing reputation for providing restaurants with a product of exceptional quality.


Our product comes exclusively from farmed deer. They are free-ranging and fed locally sourced hay, grain, and produce, which helps create the exquisite flavor and marvelous tenderness of our venison. Adding to the qualities that make them so special: no steroids or growth promotants are used, so the meat is free of hormones and other chemical additives. Our meat is shipped fresh, never frozen (unless requested).


Venison is lower in fat, lower in cholesterol and higher in protein than beef, which makes it a healthier alternative for red meat lovers. It falls under the American Heart Association´s guidelines for fat, cholesterol and calories, making it a perfect heart-healthy, calorie-conscious menu option.



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Processing is done in our NY State Inspected Article 5-A NYS Licensed Processing Plant, to ensure that the highest standards are followed.  All of the deer we raise are 100% Herd Certified and this same license allows us to ship venison to all 50 States.  Our deer roam freely on rotated pasture land, which helps ensure the best possible farm-to-fork venison on the market.

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