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We raise Red deer and our unique crossbreed, the Super Red, which is a Red deer/Elk mix.  Both the Red and Super Red deer provide meat with excellent flavor and tenderness; the only difference being that the hybrid affords a greater yield.

The age of our deer at the time of fabrication is 16-24 months.  That window is optimal because by this time the body has grown to its prime size without compromising tenderness.

Per a new CDC mandate, enacted by the NY State Department of
Health, all venison vendors will no longer be permitted to sell femur
bones; unfortunately, this includes bone-in legs.

New cases of Chronic Wasting Disease in wild deer have been found in
hunters in the Midwest and it is now believed that the prion is not solely
contained within the spinal cord, but instead travels into femur bones via the marrow. Although our herd is tagged & inspected, with each
slaughtered deer having tested negative for CWD, we must follow this
government directive.

Our farm has appealed this decision and will continue to fight to provide
our full range of products. Please be assured that we still offer shank
bones (limited availability), bone-in saddles, boneless saddles, boneless
legs, ground venison & jerky.



BONELESS LOIN @ $32.70/lb.

Average weight: 3.5-4.5 lbs. per loin

May be ordered by the piece or the pound

Costs more per pound, but no weighty bones = significant shipping savings

& comes perfectly trimmed off the bone.


BONE-IN SADDLE @ $23.55/lb.

Average weight: 12.5-15 lbs.

BONELESS LEG @ $19.70/lb.

Average weight: 10-15 lbs.


GROUND VENISON @ $10.45/lb.

Any amount may be ordered – ships in 1, 5 & 10 lb. bags



(Special request item ~ please check for availability)

Made from the finest cut and entirely trimmed of fat, this savory snack may be used from a ready-to-eat starter to a garnish, or simply as a super high-protein accompaniment.

BONES @ $5.25/lb.

Please check for availability

Marrow-rich shank bones provide delicious flavor.

Preparation: stock, sauce, jus.

BONE-IN LEG @ $16.90/lb.

Currently Unavailable


FEMUR LEG @ $16.90/lb.

Currently Unavailable

Restaurant Patina preparation using Millbrook Venison

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